Kanhai’s Service to the Sadhus in Goloka


Lord Krishna or Kanhai becomes a Priest

Sometimes even holy men may pass by the forest. In fact, they keep visiting the Nanda Bhavan. Baba and Maiya worship them with great reverence and love. Probably, watching them only, Kanhai has grasped the art of welcoming seers.

For instance, when a rishi enters the forest, this prankster becomes grave all of a sudden.


Here, all gopa kumaras too revere holy men. They are ever-exited to serve and welcome rishi-munis, but none can match Kanhai’s excellence in this field. Which is why at such crucial moments, he assumes the role of a leader.

Indeed, even Dau dada puts him ahead as the welcoming face.

Madhumangala’s nature

Now, only Madhumangala is of the free-flowing type. He is a Brahmin Kumar afterall. God knows how many mantras and shlokas he has memorized. Hence, none can predict his moves. He may either join Krishna’s party and become a priest- he shall start chanting mantras.

Or, he may go and sit par with the Rishis. Many times, like a scholar, he may even debate with the guests on scriptural matters. At such times, how will the poor gopakumaras understand his sublime words?

Yet, no rishi has ever been displeased by Madhumangala. All adore him and are every-anxious to have him by their side.

Devas glorify Krishna


What to speak of Kanhai? If some celestial muni or Devata glorifies him, he poses like a celebrity. All the sakhas laugh looking at his serious looks. Therefore, at such moments they prefer to keep away.

In particular, It is uncourteous to laugh in-front of devatas and rishis. However, if Kanhai acts so pricey, who cannot help laughing. The Poor rishis and Devas eulogize him by folding their palms. They continually prostrate themselves on the ground and offer flowers of love at his feet.

At such moments, he sits so moony as if has forgotten all speech.

To be sure, even two-four words, is hard to hear from him. Sometimes even after they leave, he continues his vow of silence. Usually, when a sage arrives, Kanhai leaves his play and says-

“Bhadra, Quickly pluck some flowers! Vishal, go get some sweet fruits. Deva, Get some Yamuna water in a leaf-cup.”

Likewise, He may place many orders at once. Even if the sage denies his services, Kanhai won’t budge from his stance. This even small children know.

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Krishna welcomes a Muni

Today a muni paid us a visit. He was of fair-resplendent complexion with an old skeletal body.


He had white moustache and blonde matted locks. Above his large resplendent eyes, white eyebrows looked majestic. At the very arrival of this resplendent personality, Kanhai forgot all his play and ran to inform his friends. Thereafter, He fell straight towards his stomach, and stretched both his hands in prostration on the Yamuna sand. Krishna Chandra then sat on his knees, and touched his head on the ground.

Now, the muni stood dumbstruck. He had no words to say. He was experiencing goosebumps. Tears of ecstasy rolled down his cheeks. His entire body began to tremble. He could neither speak nor move. As Krishna Chandra stood up, his forehead, nose, eyebrows, stomach, were all smeared with sand.


Then, he turned around and quickly spread his golden Patuka on a stone stationed under the Kadamba tree. He then ran to the muni and lovingly held his right hand- “Kindly accept this humble seat.”

Whenever Kanhai starts serving, be it a rishi or muni, they turn speechless. As Shyam dictates, like machines they follow. This muni now sits stock-still on Kanhai’s Patuka. Here in this forest, you won’t spot golden vessels, incense sticks, diyas or delicacies. Even if the gopakumaras carry something, it is not fit for a Muni’s intake.

Never mind.

Even, in the absence of palatial comforts, you can always wash their feet with a leaf-cupped container. Here, in the absence of Malay Chandan, you will always find flowers, fruits and forest products. Now, Madhumangala has started reciting Vedic chants.

Such hospitality, even gods can’t receive. Our Kanhai has become a priest and is making offerings.

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