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Ours is a lifelong endeavor to spread the wisdom of our Ancient Vedic Scriptures that include Puranas and Vedic Deities. We also talk about Tantra, Mantra, and Japa. Our Goals are:

1. Spreading awareness about Sanatana Dharma that lays out a practical roadmap.

2. Provide guidance and association to committed seekers through telephonic calls and emails.

3.Invoke the mood of Service and Devotion.

4.Reveal the true purpose of Life.

5.Initiate a way of Life through personalized Sadhana.

6.Train the mind to Surrender unto the Lord!

Be a part of our mission and support us to maintain this website which focuses on glorifying our Deities and help us share their divine pastimes with the world.


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Sanatana Dharma is unfathomable. Every deity has a special place in our lives. Here, we unravel the nature of our Gods and the mantra sadhana associated with that deity.

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