Family Synergy with a High Value System


Family Synergy Goals

In this video we shall discuss the following aspects relating to work and family life balance.

1) Setting up one’s priorities.

2) Expectation settings at work

3) Aligning with spiritual laws.

4) Attaining Family cohesion.

5) Attaining work life flexibility

6) Flexibility attained through limiting average

7) Setting up the goal of living with integrity.

Managing the Familiy’s Goals and Ambitions

It is important to consider the premise on which we are setting up balance of work and household life before we begin talking about the subject.

It is necessary to declare that unless one sets the proper rules of operation for both work and the household, a balance can never be obtained whatever one may do. It all depends on one’s value system and one’s priorities when one is considering balance of work and household. An ideal balance in work is obtained by setting the proper priorities.


We shall elaborate on this point to understand this further. The premise of setting priorities depends on our goals and ambitions. If one is aiming to succeed at work or grow climbing up the corporate ladder a balance of work and family life becomes impossible. When a man fills his mind and operating energy with work and milestones at work, he shall have no extra energy to care for the household or even take vacations.

Uselessness of Saving Money for the Future

He may even default on keeping up his promises with the household . In fact having a busy schedule at work, shall only serve in destroying family life altogether. One may also be trying to save a lot of money for a future which may never turn out the way we anticipate. What is the point in saving too much for the future when one is slicing down the bridges that connect you to your spouse or children. Such an idea of saving for the future is not only shocking but preposterous. This attitude shall only cause imbalance in family life all the way.

Importance of Money in Life

The better option is to use up a little money at regular intervals so that one can improve one’s relationship with family members and strengthen the family’s value system. This can reinforce new energy at work and a person’s energy at work shall be automatically refreshed and reinforced.


Time is limited and hence investment in the household is more important. One should work with ethics in whatever way possible. Money is important although it is not all important. Working with integrity is vital.

Spiritual Living can help Work-Life Balance

Spiritual laws shall cooperate with a person who is committed and sincere at work. Thus with these value systems one can find work life balance. It is important to arrest some of one’s ambitions to find balance between family and work. Money cannot buy peace and well-being and is only a secondary force to reckon with.

Excess Wealth is Never Useful

Instead if there is love-based collaboration within the household an intelligent man can easily balance his family’s needs. Wealth never directly contributes to one’s happiness. Rather it is the binding force within the household that gives value to money. Excess money or wealth is often experienced as an impediment towards the household’s cohesion.


It is important to instill values into the children which will go a long way towards work-life balance, the results of which can be observed in a few years time. If you are able to upskill growing children by spending quality time with them then even children can contribute towards the household’s upkeep in small ways.

The fun is in the learning process and not in the money that one earn. More than having a bigger home, efforts should be made by the mother and father of the household to have bigger hearts, to infuse value into their children.

We should spend Wisely

One can do without a bigger house, but it is impossible to live with family members who are self-centered and greed. Work becomes enjoyable when there is a consensus amongst all the household members for the household’s upkeep.


Personally I have benefited greatly from such an approach. It is important to plan to some extent. However before one executes plans, groceries, shopping etc should be done in accordance with the household’s earnings so that a little saving of some kind will reduce the pressure from the members of the household who work for the upkeep of the household.

Getting Influenced by the Rich

Delaying comforts and focusing on bare necessities is an ideal way to remove pressures out of the heads of the earning members. Once such planning is executed. One may even find time for work that is satisfying and stress free. Often we get influenced by watching lifestyle videos of celebrities promoted by PR companies. Such promotions are spurious and reflect the wrong side of things. They are meant to cheat the viewer into believing that money is everything and values mean nothing at all.


Actually it is quite the other way around. Adjusting the needs of the household is vital when it comes to finding a perfect work life balance. It is important to find flexible working times at once job so that one can spend quality time with the household but as i said, it is important to tone down ambitions and personal desires if at all one intends to find work-life balance.

Test your Alignment with the Spiritual Subject Matter (only 7-8 Questions)

The scores generated in this Quiz are relative. There are no right or wrong answers. A percentage towards 100 indicates that you are more aligned to the overall subject matter.

Curbing Sense-Pleasure can help improve Family Synergy

An intelligent man shall be able to see clearly that at the root of unnecessary desires is an ignorant mind that looks at sense enjoyment as everything. In such a pursuit, man becomes blind to the needs of the soul and hence as a consequence he has to suffer stress at work at the bare minimum. Thus having a part-time work option brings many benefits to the table. However it is also important to keep up skilling oneself as one also finds time with the household if there are multiple earning members within a family.


One can then strike a much better work family balance. The driving force for a better work family life balance is in arguably a high value system if there are members in the household who do not agree with each other. Naturally there will be unrest within the household. Then the question of work life balance shall remain the most pressing problem. One has to also work towards imposing their inherent ambitions on their children and thus sending them for extra music classes or other tuition classes.


Spending Quality time With Children

Parents should spend a lot of time with their children by sharing their knowledge with them and having healthy conversations so that children have an insight into the parents skill and knowledge and at the same time getting trained directly by their parents. This is the best way to increase family synergy. When family synergy increases, the material needs of the family automatically reduces and instead quality time is spent at home and work does not dictate one’s life.

Family Synergy necessarily means that the entire family is moving in one direction with perfect cohesion because of A class bonding and care for each member of the household . Qualities such as sacrifce and giving priority to other family members shall automatically go a long way, thus defeating the tiniest speck of greed and selfishness. This in turn will work as an adhesive that shall make the household fulfill only needs without giving any scope to greed.

Family that Prays Together Stays Together

A family that prays together stays together it is very important for the household to take up a spiritual practice so that the energy of the whole unit picks up. When this happens even the mood to perform better work also picks up which will automatically boost results at work. One also should not compromise at work and take suggestions from family members regarding work.


This shall keep the transparency levels of the family high even when one decides to quit a job. The household shall be behind the member who is looking for a job change thereby relieving pressure when one is integrated deeply with one’s family values. The need to go out for frequent vacations shall automatically get arrested, thus keeping the spending down.

There are essentially two main steps towards a perfect family work life balance. They are: Focusing on family synergy and the second is to make one’s work revolve around family values where upskilling becomes an essential aspect of one’s work and family life.

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