Krishna Mantra: Kleem Krishnaya Namah


The Kleem Krishnaya Krishna Mantra

In this video post, we shall focus on the famous Om Kleem Krishnaya Namaha mantra of Lord Sri Krishna. We shall explore the meaning and power of the mantra. We shall also discuss the process to chant it for maximum benefits.  Om Kleem Krishnaya Namaha mantra is the Beeja mantra of Lord Krishna. Often, people belonging to the Vaishnava sects chant this mantra with devotion. It literally means Oh Lord Krishna I bow to you.


Kleem Beeja is the backbone of the Krishna Mantra

Please help me overcome the obstacles of life and grant me freedom. The syllable present in the mantra is Kleem. Though the Kleem Beeja mantra appears to be short, it has tremendous potential. The Kleem Beejakshara develops a magnetic persona.


This is because Kleem is used to invoke both Lord Krishna and mother Kali. Kali Devi is one of the ten Dashamahavidyas and is also the empress of the material world. Hence, she grants the chanter the power of mesmerism or Vashikaran. Another interpretation can be that lord Krishna is very attractive. As a blessing, he grants the chanter the power of attraction.

The Om Beejakshara

Om is another Beejakshara present in the Krishna mantra. Everybody is aware of the benefits of Om mantra. It is the cosmic sound and helps one connect to divinity. The Om mantra opens the Granthis or nerve centers responsible for happiness in life. It also makes the environment conducive for Sadhana or spiritual discipline. The om mantra is very helpful for heart patients as it reduces the flow of blood and maintains the heartbeat cycle.

Highlights of Lord Krishna’s Life

Getting back to Lord Krishna’s life, in lord Krishna’s life we see a lot of movement. As a child, he killed innumerable demons; He lifted the Giri Govardhan hill, In Mathura he killed Kansa. Towards the later part of His life, he shifted to Dwarka and set up an empire. In the same line, the chanter of Krishna Beeja mantra shall see progressive change in life.


Some Benefits of the Krishna Mantra

Those who are going for a job, shall get a promotion. Relationships shall flower. Unfavorable situations shall turn into favourable ones and so on. One can please Lord Krishna with one’s prayer. He might grant some of his supernatural powers to the seeker doing Sadhana with total commitment. He might grant some of his supernatural powers to the seeker.

Leaving the material benefits aside, there are many spiritual benefits too. Among devotees, we see that Krishna Bhaktas are renunciants of the first order. To name a few, Meerabai, The six Goswamis of Vrindavan and Soordas Maharaj were high-class recluses. Their lives are an epitome of dispassion.

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In the same way, those who pray to lord Krishna with the desire for liberation, develop such qualities in their lives. The mantra is ideal for spiritual growth. Once lord Krishna takes responsibility for the chanter, the problems of life shall no longer seem disturbing. Life shall become like a bed of roses because lord Krishna shall take charge of one’s life.

Other Benefits of the Krishna Mantra

Krishna Mantra is best for Sharanagati or for self-surrender.Doors of intuition open up for the chanter. The chanter gets the ability to read minds which is a rare Siddhi. Krishna mantra can benefit people who are facing financial crises. For students, the mantra gives clarity to choose one’s career based on one’s temperament. Like Lord Krishna, One excels in all fields of life.


Also, the mantra negates the influence of black magic and sorcery. Your decisions shall no longer be yours. Lord Krishna shall inspire you thereafter. Unmarried girls shall get an understanding soulmate. Happiness and prosperity shall prevail in the house.

Start-up businesses shall speed up because of the potency of the mantra. Above all, one shall get a life of balance with no excess and no scarcity. Life shall become colorful. Depression and anxiety shall cease to exist. One shall become more social and loved.

Process of Chanting the Krishna Mantra

Now I shall detail out a process of how to chant the mantra. Beeja mantras are not supposed to be chanted aloud. They are confidential mantras that are given by the guru at the time of Deeksha. While chanting, focus on every syllable. If possible, visualize writing the Beejakshara on the slate of your mind. The words should be loud and clear in the mind.


Again, do not consider this to be a mantra. Know that the mantra is the personification of Lord Krishna Himself. Hence try to become one with the Krishna mantra.

Now, I am recommending to you a very confidential process which is not known to the general populace. By following this process, your progress shall increase manifold. The seeker should take a bath and sit on a woolen asana. Then Keep a photo of lord Krishna lifting the Giri Govardhan, in front of you.

Giriraj Govardhan fulfills all wishes of the seeker. He is thus non-different from lord Krishna and in fact; he is my favorite deity because I live at his foothills along with my family, in the district of Mathura. Light a lamp for lord Giriraj. You can keep a peacock’s feather by your side as it is a direct symbolism of Lord Krishna.

You can also create the ambience by lighting a Dhoop or an incense stick. Then put some pure Malai Chandan. It is best to grind the Chandan paste with your own hands. However, if one isn’t finding the time, then you can purchase pure Malai Chandan from a reliable store. Fix your mind on lord Krishna before chanting the mantra and take his blessings.

Then, With every chant, apply the Chandan on the photo of Giriraj Govardhan. Use your ring finger for the purpose. Focus on the feet of the lord and then go upwards. Keep a counter by your side to know how many times you have chanted. At the beginning, you can chant 108 times.

But as days pass, you can slowly increase the count. Truly this is a sure-shot way to boost up your Sadhana. Before chanting take a Sankalpa that you will chant for 41 days uninterrupted. Note that before starting any holy activity, negative forces shall try to deter you from your Sadhana. However, be conscious about this point and do not walk away.

Standing the Test of Lord Krishna

Also ensure that you sit for Sadhana at a fixed time every day. Then only shall this process work. Lord Krishna will first test your sincerity and keenness to pursue the Sadhana. Do not fail at the very first step. This process that I have just recommended is called Purashcharana.

It is very effective and can bring quick results. You can then keep a Kamandlu of Tulsi or basil water next to you for Aachaman or sipping water as part of the discipline. Prepare a sweet dish like Kheer, Pedha or Makhan Misri as Bhoga to please Lord Krishna. The best Muhurta or auspicious time to start the chanting is Krishna Janmashtami.


If Janmashtami has just passed, then you can consult your astrologer for the next right Muhurta. The best time to chant the mantra is after 10 pm. The more you chant this mantra with the said process, the more you shall develop towards pure divinity.

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