Powerful Mantra Sadhana Process


Taking up Casual Mantra Chanting

Many times, people take up Mantra chanting without any “Sankalpa” (Vedic Resolve to perform a fixed count of Mantras). They do not even perform Pooja (Modes of Worship) or follow any specific methodology prescribed in various types of Shastra. Taking up Mantra chanting with Sankalpa can become a mantra sadhana process.

These people, out of their inner inspiration, chant a fixed round of Mantra on rosary made of Rudraksha or Tulsi beads, depending on the Devata they are trying to please through Mantra chanting.

Some people prefer to chant in the morning, some in the evening and some at both times. It totally depends on the comfort level of the sadhaka, undertaking Mantra Japa or Chanting.

They pick up a mantra, resonating well with them, and with total faith, start chanting. One cannot fix the number of rounds of Mala or rosary. Some chant two rounds every day while some others chant 4 rounds and so on.

The only constant thing is that they do not miss even a single day of chanting and ensure that they cover the fixed number of Malas of chanting they commit to.  

Conditions for Mantra Sadhana Process

Most of the time, people who chant this way, experience tremendous changes in their lives, positive changes that can baffle the listeners. Such can be the effect of casual chanting of the mantra.

The only condition is that one should mantra long enough and at fixed times of the day. Other than that there are no other rules that define this mode of Mantra Japa.


Many people claim that by simply chanting the Mantra thus, the Mantra fulfills their wishes and many opportunities for growth in their material life also open up.

Some claim that celibacy is also not important when one takes up such a simple form of sadhana. 

Why is Celibacy Important in Mantra Sadhana Process?

Even without continence, amazing results can show up, on account of chanting Mantra. One point of caution to this claim is that celibacy is an important component of sadhana.

Observing continence is like having a heavy-duty battery within the system, that saves up untold units of energy, improves concentration, and keeps the mind pure. When we observe celibacy, we are re-enforcing our energy gathered out of mantra chanting. On the other hand, if we do not observe celibacy, our mind shall lose its potency which will distract us.

The Effects of Infatuation and Lust are negative when coming to Mantra Siddhi.

It is important to understand that a distracted mind cannot be the resting place for a Devata, who is invoked through a mantra.

If we indulge in sex, during the course of the sadhana, the act will waste all our inner energies and we shall never bear the power required to harness the potency of the Mantra. Although we may not follow any other specific rules, it is important that we maintain perfect celibacy during the course of Mantra Sadhana.

It is also important that we do not expose ourselves to sexual content, talking bad about others, and also avoid using abusive language.

These acts shall weaken our resolve and also disperse the powers of the mind.


Mantra chanting shall only bear results through a well-focused, concentrated mind.  

Mantra Sadhana Process: How can the Mantra be Awakened?

In this manner, when an individual starts chanting the mantra for a reasonably long span of time it will awaken the Mantra Shakti.

This is also known as the “Jagriti” of the Mantra.

There are two ways in which we can awaken the Mantra and make it “Jagrut” (awakened).

In the first method, if a person chants 10,000 mantras over a period of 30 days.

During the same period, the person has to do “Havan” or make sacrifices to the Fire god with items like flowers, vermilion, rice, and other admissible items, along with following The Rules of Yajna. He makes 1000 offerings to the fire god with these articles.

This is 1/10th of the total number of Mantra Japa, that the person has performed.

Again in the same period, the person offers water oblations or “Tarpan” to the Devata and makes 1000 water offerings to the Devata, whose mantra the sadhaka is chanting.  

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Second Method of Awakening the Mantra

The second method is that the person does 10,000 mantras for a period of 30 days and the person does an extra 1000 mantras of chantings. This he does instead of doing the Fire sacrifice.

In addition, he does another 1000 mantras of chantings instead of offering water oblations, thus chanting a total of 12,000 mantras.


Thus, instead of the original 10,000 mantras, completed in 30 days, he completes 12,000 mantras in the same time.  

When can We obtain Mantra Siddhi?

The above is just an example. The actual number of Mantras that we need to chant can not be less than 125 thousand in all and extra mantras to cover the Water oblations and the fire sacrifice.

If a person successfully covers chanting so many mantras, even without keeping a count, results will follow. Even as the sadhaka continues to do his chanting regularly, all the merits will accumulate and produce spectacular results.

The exact number of counts for mantra siddhi depends on the Mantra Sadhana Process and the qualities of the person chanting it. Thus this is a subjective matter.

It can never be told exactly when a mantra attains Siddhi for a particular Sadhaka.  

What Effects does Mantra Sadhana Process Produce?  

The first major result that the person sees is “Vak Siddhi”, or whatever the person says, will start manifesting at regular frequencies. It does not mean that whatever the person says starts becoming true.

However, many things that the sadhaka speaks through inspiration shall prove to be a reality.The sadhaka’s mental domain expands by leaps and bounds and knowledge will start percolating into the sadhaka’s mind.


Unexplored aspects of knowledge will start to reveal themselves within the heart of a sadhaka.

One shall be able to practical experience the knowledge about situations, people as well as esoteric knowledge.

The sadhaka will also develop deeper intelligence to interpret Shastra in a fresh new light and shall be able to delve deeper into the Scriptures.

This will also produce amazing insights into the subject of how things work and manifest in the relative world.

Why do we see great Results by Mantra Sadhana Process alone?

Many people who have done such rigorous sadhana, shall start getting things, even before they feel the need for it. Such is the Power of Mantra Sadhana Process.

Blocks that had existed earlier shall start getting removed and many new avenues of opportunities shall start opening up. All this starts happening because the Devata presiding over the Mantra, attaches himself to the thought, word, and deed of the sadhaka.

All of the sadhaka’s activities are actually directed by the Devata and not by the whims of the uncontrolled mind.

Some additional Benefits of Mantra Sadhana Process  

The greatest advantage of such Mantra sadhana is that all the cobwebs and dichotomies of the mind are completely flushed out. Clarity emerges at the thought, word, and deed levels.


There remains no confusion of where we are heading. Even the image of the future opens up within the screens of our purified minds. This is not imagination but the view of upcoming reality. Only a sadhaka can take perfect decisions, the one prone to Mantra Sadhana all his life.

There cannot be any other individual, who can take perfect decisions.

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