Hanuman Mantra: Om Hum Hanumate Namah


What is the Hanuman Mantra?

The Om Hum Hanumate Namah mantra is dedicated to the great Rama devotee Hanuman or Lord Anjaneya. Know that Lord Anjaneya is the mediator towards your Ishta Devata. Hence he is also known as Ram doot. Here doot means messenger.


He conveys your feelings to your Ishta Devata. Just as in the material world one gets a job through recommendations, Lord Hanuman books an appointment with the deity of your heart. Many Shakta and Shaiva Sadhakas have revealed that during sadhana, they have had visions of Lord Hanuman.

Lord Hanuman is most accessible in Kaliyuga

It is very natural. Lord Anjaneya is the most accessible deity in Kaliyuga and perhaps the most benevolent one. He is one of the eight Chiranjeevi or immortal beings. Lord Hanuman is very adorable. Also, known as Maruti, his childhood pastimes unfailingly instill wonder into the devotee’s heart.


In today’s times it is extremely important to have His blessings. Lord Hanuman is the governing deity of the Anahata chakra or the heart centre. You shall definitely find our video on Anahata Chakra interesting. On chanting this mantra, people suffering from insensitivity disorders start developing love and empathy. Lord Rama is the personification of Love. He is eternally present in the heart of Lord Hanuman with his consort Sita devi.

The mantra to please Lord Anjaneya is
Om Hum Hanumate Namaha

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Initiation is Important for the Hum Hanumate Namah Mantra

But this mantra can only be chanted by initiated Sadhakas, who are under the guidance of a perfect spiritual master, who has done sadhana of this mantra, or a high class Rama Bhakta. The mantra mandates initiation and should be avoided if you are not guided by a Guru into this mantra.

Satvik Lifestyle is mandatory for Hanuman Sadhana

A deeper paraphrased meaning of the mantra is- I pray to Lord Hanuman, to bless me with devotion, strength, victory, success and power. This mantra is so powerful that it compels Lord Anjaneya to give darshan.The darshan and fiery aspect of Anjaneya can be disturbing, if you are not celibate and do not have a Guru.It may cause mental hallucinations, if proper rules are not applied and one is not living a Satvika lifestyle.


Hanumanji’s aura is too fiery.Indeed, the sun god imparted one-hundredth of his brilliance to Lord Hanuman.In his childhood, Lord Anjaneya swallowed the sun god.Imagine the intensity of his energy.The Om Hum Hanumate Namah mantra gives one the power to experience the fiery energy of Lord Anjaneya.Do not take this mantra lightly.Chant it under the guidance of a self-realized guru only.

Besides, many Sadhakas have complained that after chanting this mantra they have got high fever and are unable to handle the energy.A guru here acts like a shield and filters the excessive energy.


The Many Benefits of the Anajaneya Mantra

Now I shall state the benefits of chanting Om Hum Hanumate Namah.The Anjaneya mantra drives away fear and brings renewed energy in life. You become a problem-solver.

If you stumble upon a problem, the Hanuman mantra triggers your brain giving you wonderful ideas. He also fights against spirits causing disturbance in your life. Mehendipur Balaji in Rajasthan removes the spell of black-magic and the fear of ghosts.

The flower of bhakti blooms as Lord Anjaneya is Bhakt Shiromani. You shall turn out to be unexpectedly confident and shall take life-changing decisions. This Hanuman mantra brings peace of mind driving away all the negative forces that disturb your mental balance. He has the power to grant Ashta Siddhis.

These are just a few benefits that I have mentioned.

Start Hanuman Sadhana as per the rules and see the benefits for yourself, of course under the instructions of a perfect Guru. Lord Hanuman’s meditation instills an orange ambience around you. While chanting the mantra visualize Lord Rama as he is the Ishta Devata of Hanumanji.

Chanting Rama Nama aids the Anjaneya Mantra

It is advised to chant Rama mantra when you chant the Anjaneya mantra. Hanumanji Maharaj is eternally present with those who recite Rama Nama. More than chanting his own name he relishes hearing Rama Nama. Wherever there is Rama Katha, Lord Hanuman sits patiently and hears it.

I advise you to chant one round of Sri Rama Jai Rama Jai Jai Ram mantra before starting Hanuman sadhana. There is no initiation required for this Rama mantra because it falls under the category of Nama mantra.


If you chant the Sri Ram Jai Ram Mantra, you can get a Guru who will be able to initiate you into the Om Ham Hanumate namah. You can watch our video on Sri Rama Jai Ram Jai Jai Rama to know its benefits.

Other Precautions and Rules in Anjaneya Sadhana

You can use Rudraksha mala or Coral mala to chant this mantra. Above all, you must follow rules. Maintain purity of mind and body. It is compulsory to observe brahmacharya during Hanuman Sadhana. Keep your body and mind clean, following the path of Truth or Satya.

Light incense sticks and keep the ambience fragrant. You can take a sankalpa of 11 days, 21 days or 41 days. Keep away from addictive substances such as smoking, drinking, tobacco and non-vegetarian food. You should possess the qualities of the deity you are worshiping.

This is mandatory. Follow non-violence and do not intend to hurt even the tiniest of creatures. If you do not have a guru, consider Lord Shiva as Vishwa Guru and chant one round of Namah Shivaya mantra also, without the chant of OM. Watch our video on Om Namaha Shivaya mantra to know its benefits.

Chanting this mantra on Tuesdays and Saturdays lessens the bad effects of Shani as he is an ardent devotee of Lord Anjaneya.

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